What's brewing?

A guide to current offerings at The Meantime

About Us

The Meantime Coffee Co. is UNC-Chapel Hill's first and only student-run, non-profit coffee shop. We are located in the lobby of the Campus Y, UNC's center for social justice and social innovation.

The Meantime partners with Carrboro Coffee Roasters, the premiere small-batch artisan roaster in the Carrboro-Chapel Hill area, to bring UNC the finest and freshest coffee from around the world.

Fingerprinting 101

A coffee's fingerprint refers to four distinct facets of its flavor profile, rated on a scale from 1 to 10.

Roast Level is the degree to which the coffee is roasted, using visual and other sensory cues in conjunction with technical ones such as temperature and time.

Sweetness refers to the overall index of sweetness, since there are several kinds of sweetness that can show up in every cup.

Acidity is the brightness, or lightness, usually found in the finish of a coffee. This can be a tangy sensation on the tip of your tongue, and is a highly desirable flavor characteristic. Usually the acidity is best evaluated once the coffee has cooled slightly to a warm/lukewarm temperature.

Body is the particular heaviness on the palate, or mouth-feel. Not unlike the lasting sensation of a stout beer, as compared to an ale. Some common terms used to describe body include rich, creamy, full, thin, watery, light, heavy, and syrupy.

Blue Ridge Blend

Signature Blend

Full-bodied, dark chocolate, citrus, & spice

This blend pairs a deep, rich Indonesian coffee with a medium-dark roast mélange from South America, creating a complex, full-bodied coffee. For those who like a dark side to a balanced cup, you’ll get a hint of dark chocolate and spice with a sparkling acidity that is enjoyable any time of the day.

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Finca San Francisco

Direct Relationship

Sweet citrus, peach, creamy caramel body

Carrboro Coffe Roasters coffee buyer Scott Conary first had this coffee in the Honduras Cup of Excellence. Then he met with farmer Francisco Moran to see if he would be willing to sell him all of his crop. It is that good! All of Francisco’s hard work is evident in this wonderfully sweet coffee with notes of citrus and peach that has a creamy caramel base, good body & mouthfeel.

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Piedmont Espresso

Signature Blend

Dark chocolate, almond, caramel, & citrus with a robust body

Carrboro Coffee Roasters expertly blends the best beans coming out of the Pacific Rim and the Americas. This wonderfully fragrant medium and dark roast blend balances 85% dark chocolate bitters and deep almond tones with a soft caramel and citrus sweetness. A syrupy, robust body delivers this bouquet with aplomb, proving equally delicious as espresso and cappuccino. The spicy finish beckons you back for another sip. Properly prepared, this coffee is highly addictive.

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Decaf Colombia

Harvest Selection

Full-bodied with brown sugar, orange, & spice

This flavorful brew stands up to the decaffeination process. A high grade bean with plenty of body, you’ll enjoy brown sugar & spice flavor, chocolate aromatics, & a soft orange acidity. Best of all, it has a smooth, satisfying finish. So delicious, you’ll be concerned it isn’t actually decaf … don’t worry, it is!

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