Back to Blue PA – Visuals

A blue graphic with a gradient background that reads, "We turned Pennsylvania BACK TO BLUE together."

Assorted graphics and visual identity for Back To Blue, the PA Democrats’ coordinated campaign for the 2020 election.

I established the visual brand for Back To Blue with the state outline logo as a starting off point, along with existing PA Dems visual branding. As the campaign progressed, the team began incorporating nods to Biden For President branding in our graphics story. Beginning in July, Rebecca Brubaker and I have shared artistic direction over the Back To Blue brand.

Social gif celebrating 1m+ vote by mail ballot requests during the PA Democratic primary
This pattern incorporating a keystone outline, a ballot box, and a clipboard, first used in early designs for the campaign’s regional Facebook groups, became a signature design motif for the coordinated campaign.
Evergreen phone banking graphic for Mobilize America featuring PA State Senator Art Haywood. Our team spent countless hours brainstorming ways to create engaging volunteer content without the opportunity to visit field offices and see volunteers getting involved in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Promotional graphic for LGBTQ+ virtual pride event hosted by the PA Democrats with LGBTQ+ Democratic candidates from across PA. The stylistic choice made here to create blue silhouetted shadows when incorporating photos into graphics became a key design element for our visual brand.
Social graphic for spotlight series on LGBTQ+ PA officials featuring State Representative Malcolm Kenyatta
Social graphic for spotlight series on LGBTQ+ PA officials featuring PA Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine
Promotional graphic for a key Weekend of Action celebrating 100 days until the November 3 election.