PA Dems – All In PA Brand Identity

A box full of colorful stickers highlighting political issues like abortion and student debt cancellation

In my capacity as the PA Dems’ 2022 Coordinated Campaign Digital Director, I developed and executed various branding and visual identity projects for All In PA. As the campaign’s de facto Creative Director, I produced graphics and various digital assets for use across owned digital channels and for print collateral including literature and merchandise (or chum) like campaign stickers, buttons, and various wearables.

Screen recording from, a coordinated campaign landing page I built that incorporated information about our campaign as well as a Commit To Vote form – the digital counterpart to the Commit To Vote cards organizers asked supporters to fill out on the field.
A photo of clipboards prepared with campaign literature and buttons.
Clipboards at an office opening in Pittsburgh with Commit To Vote cards and campaign literature.
Josh Shapiro points to Kamala Harris while addressing supporters at an event in Philadelphia.
Then-candidate Josh Shapiro and Vice President Kamala Harris address supporters at a volunteer leadership summit in Philadelphia.
A graphic that reads "Knocktober Essentials" with digital renderings of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other campaign merchandise.
Promotional graphic for coordinated campaign merchandise.
A screenshot from a FWIW post by Kyle Tharp titled “Democrats’ GOTV Hype Machine”
A college student, Coby, helps another student, Makayla, register to vote.
University of Pennsylvania junior Coby Rich, 20, helps Makayla Davis, 23, register to vote during an All In PA voter drive on campus in Philadelphia on Aug. 31. Stickers on Coby’s clipboard show messages in support of issues like abortion access and student debt cancellation. (Image credit: Michelle Gustafson for The Washington Post)