Tag: Politics

  • OpenCampaign – Campaign Resource Contributions

    OpenCampaign is a a free, open source library of campaign staff resources. Below are some of the templates and documents I contributed to the library, including a top-10 most downloaded resource.

  • PA Dems – Spring 2021 Merch

    Assorted merchandise for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party webstore.

  • Back To Blue PA – Digital Organizing

    Excerpts from my exit memo for the Back To Blue PA digital organizing program.

  • Back to Blue PA – Visuals

    Assorted graphics and visual identity for Back To Blue, the PA Democrats’ coordinated campaign for the 2020 election. I established the visual brand for Back To Blue with the state outline logo as a starting off point, along with existing PA Dems visual branding. As the campaign progressed, the team began incorporating nods to Biden…

  • Warren For President – Social

    Social media content for my personal accounts documenting my time as a field organizer in Iowa and Illinois for Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. On Twitter, my main platform, my content garnered just under 2 million organic impressions and I nearly doubled my following over the course of nine months.