Tag: Design

  • OpenCampaign – Campaign Resource Contributions

    OpenCampaign is a a free, open source library of campaign staff resources. Below are some of the templates and documents I contributed to the library, including a top-10 most downloaded resource.

  • PA Dems – Spring 2021 Merch

    Assorted merchandise for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party webstore.

  • Back to Blue PA – Visuals

    Assorted graphics and visual identity for Back To Blue, the PA Democrats’ coordinated campaign for the 2020 election. I established the visual brand for Back To Blue with the state outline logo as a starting off point, along with existing PA Dems visual branding. As the campaign progressed, the team began incorporating nods to Biden…

  • Instagram Carousel Collages

    Inspired by shmoxd, I created long landscape collages that, when broken up into individual squares, create a seamless viewing experience using Instagram’s carousel function. View this post on Instagram A post shared by patty (@thepattymatos) View this post on Instagram A post shared by patty (@thepattymatos) These collages, made using Photoshop, provide visual interest to…

  • The Daily Tar Heel – We Believe Dr. Ford

    Support ad for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in the Daily Tar Heel on October 3, 2018. Words + design by me and planning, organizing + fundraising for the Orange County Rape Crisis Center by Insaaf Mohamed.

  • MEJO 442 – Worth Magazine

    Worth Magazine: Addressing Issues of Women’s Accurate Representation on Magazine Covers is a project by Alexis Fairbanks and Patty Matos that seeks to tackle the accurate, truthful, and unretouched representation and celebration of women.

  • MEJO 332 – Writing My Own Happy Ending PR

    Classwork for VK Fields’ Public Relations Writing class at the UNC School of Media and Journalism during the Fall 2017 semester. Along with my classmates, Beth and Sydney, we provided public relations services to a client as part of the service-learning curriculum. Our team developed multiplatform communication tools (print, digital, and social media) for Writing…